Iowa Ceramics

How To:


We have fantastic kilns - 19 of them. 9 Computer controlled electric kilns (Skutt, L&L, and ConeArt), 7 computer controlled Geil Gas kilns ranging in size from 7-70 cubic feet, one 25 cubic foot down-draft soda kiln, and two wood kilns (40 cubic foot chamber kiln, and a larger anagama style tube kiln). All of these kilns are available for student use as needed. 

Gas kilns

The Gas kilns are a able to be controlled via computer anywhere on campus, or with a vpn connection from off campus. It's possible to check on your kiln, or stop it remotely with your phone using the the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. Faculty can help you set up this access, and we recommend all grads take steps to do this.  

Kiln Computer Control

Shipping Work

Shipping work to exhibitions for graduate students is supplemented by a generous endowed fund gifted to the department by Josh Van Stippen and Betsy Stone. Contact Andy or Josh for details on how to have your shipping expenses reimbursed. Shipping should be done with the department's FedEx account number to receive the best rates possible. 

If drop off service is most convenient, we recommend using Mailboxes of Iowa City - this is absolute best shipping service in town, and their employees are helpful and courteous to a fault. Shipping supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, etc) can be purchased here in bulk and at cheaper prices than ordering through Uline or other online locations. 

If you need to ship large freight, you should still use the department FedEx account, and then drive your work to the FedEx freight terminal near the Cedar Rapids airport. Talk to Andy, Josh, or Benj for advice about which option is the best for your situation.