Iowa Ceramics


There are many people to help you stay on track during your degree process, but the gist of how it all works is this:

The Master of Fine Arts program in art requires a minimum of 60 hours of graduate credit (which includes credit earned for the M.A. in art, which you receive after year two in the program). The degree is offered with thesis (meaning you write a thesis during your third year - and the thesis can be whatever you and your committee agree it should be) and with emphases in the following studio art disciplines: ceramics, graphic design, 3D design, drawing, intermedia, jewelry and metal arts, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

The 60 hours of credit required for the M.F.A. includes at least 24 hours in a primary studio art emphasis (your major); at least 12 hours in a secondary studio art emphasis (your minor); 3 hours in art history or theory of art (one class); and 3 hours (one more class) in theory, history, criticism, or philosophy (if not already taken). Students must earn 8 credits in their primary studio art emphasis and 4 credits in their secondary studio art emphasis after being granted an M.A. in art, so your last year has to include two classes in your major and one class in your minor areas. 

All students must undergo a department wide M.A. review after the second year, and an M.F.A. committee review at the end of their third year. They also must complete a written thesis and an MFA exhibition. 


Most graduate students teach, and presently all Ceramics graduate students have teaching assistantships, which is our goal as a department. A teaching assistantship means that a graduate student receives a full tuition scholarship, as well as a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a portion of university fees paid. Please email to confirm stipend amount, as minor changes occur yearly. It is possible, and recommended, to complete this program with very minimal, if any debt. We are committed as a department to making graduate education affordable and available to all qualified candidates who wish to study with us.

Additional scholarships and grants of as much as $18,000 are available based on merit through the School of Art and Art History and the Graduate College.